For over 17.5 years, De Toeter has been home to the most entertaining and most exciting bilingual pub quiz of the Northern Netherlands. Every Wednesday at 8PM and Sunday at 7PM. Want to sign up? Just click the button below.


The quiz consists of 8 rounds, six of which are focused on general knowledge. In addition, there’s an image round and a music round. Quiz questions will be posed in Dutch as well as English, and cater to an international audience. Participation is € 3,50 per player, which will be added to your tab at the end of the night.


A delicious start to the evening

Fancy a dinner beforehand? Book a quiz arrangement together with your friends, family or colleagues. For only € 19.50 per person, we serve an excellent main course – and you are immediately signed up for the quiz. It is also possible to dine during the quiz itself. The quiz arrangement can only be booked in advance.

Feeling snackish?

For just €14.50, you get a delicious snack platter served on your table during the quiz, with 10 hot snacks, nuts and home-marinated olives. Not a fan of meat? No problem, the platter can also be served vegetarian or vegan. The platter can only be booked in advance.

Meet the quiz masters

Since 2018, Victor is your main host and quiz author on Wednesday. Child of the 90s, musical taste of the early 00s, an almost obsessive penchant for vexillology and a linguistic knack that can’t be healthy either. 

Willem was promoted from regular quizzer to regular writer-annex-presenter in late 2022, and has been there for you on Sundays ever since. A giant nerd, but with a hell of a lot of sex appeal. Tries to sneak a question about his dog Mars into the quiz every week.

Toeter Top 10

In 2020, Café de Toeter’s quiz crew introduced the Toffe Toeter Total Score Top Ten Table: throughout the year, we use this board to keep track  of the cumulative scores of our regular teams. The more often you visit (and the better you score), the higher you finish in the rankings. At the end of the year, we will honour the best teams with a nice prize, after which the board will be ceremoniously wiped clean.

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Een plank met 10 warme snacks, nootjes en huisgemarineerde olijven
Wanneer een datum niet meer aanklikbaar is, betekent dit dat de quiz voor die dag helaas al volledig vol zit. Mocht je op de reservelijst willen staan, bel dan 050-3124499.
LET OP: Teams van 6 of meer personen spelen niet mee om de prijzen | Teams of 6 or more are not eligible for the prizes


How long does the quiz take? Is there a break?

The regular quiz at the Toeter takes about 2.5 to 3 hours, largely depending on the number of teams playing. This means that the quiz finishes by 10pm on Sundays and by 11pm on Wednesdays. There is no break in the quiz, but there is always about 10 minutes between the last question of one round and the first question of the next. So there is enough time for a smoke break or a pit stop at the bathroom.

What's there to win?

The teams ranked 1st or 2nd usually get a beer package to take home with special craft beers and a craft beer glass, and the number three get a beer or whisky on the house. We also have the occasional extra or different prize, such as free tickets to an event or a promotional product from one of the brewers we work with.

Can I play with more than 5 people?

Sure you can! The only difference: with more than five participants you don’t get a prize, should you finish in the top 3. We also speak from experience when we say that with 8 or more participants, it is usually more fun to split up into two teams. Our rule is: more than five is more than five, even if someone “is just here for drinks” or “didn’t really contribute” 😉

Until what time can I sign up?

Basically, registration is open until the quiz starts – so you can still walk in on the night and ask if there is a table free. Unfortunately, we do have a peak capacity of around 30 to 34 teams, and oftentimes the quiz is already sold out a few days in advance. At that point, the date is also no longer clickable in the registration form. In short: the earlier you sign up, the better. Especially if (like many teams) you would like to have a spot downstairs, it is advisable to book a few days in advance.

Want to sign up on the day of the quiz itself? We keep a sharp eye on online registrations until around 4pm, after that we recommend calling the bar (050-3124499). A call is also appreciated if you want to make any changes in the number of players.

Is it okay if I come with more/fewer players than I signed up with?

Of course, it is always possible that someone will drop out (boo!) or join (yay!) at the last minute. In either case, we do appreciate a short message via info@cafedetoeter.nl or a call to the bar at 050-3124499. If you come with more players than planned, the table reserved for your team may not be big enough. If you come with fewer, it may mean that we had to disappoint another team when there would still have been enough room in retrospect.

Can I sign up for a specific table?

When signing up, you are always free to indicate that you have a preference for a particular table or a spot at the bar/near the toilets/near the entrance, etc. However, we cannot guarantee a table; in the end, the quizmaster himself decides on the seating arrangement. Is there a physical reason why you prefer (not) to sit in a certain spot (think back problems, a broken leg, a wheelchair)? We would appreciate it if you mention this when registering: it can be difficult to swap tables on the evening itself.

Can I sign up multiple teams?

Join the quiz at De Toeter as a team outing? Or do you just have a very large group of friends? No problem! Just indicate in the comments field how many teams you want to sign up in total and what the team names are. There is no hard upper limit on the number of teams, but with more than about 40 participants, we recommend looking into the options we offer for a private quiz through Progress Events.

Can I book a separate quiz?

Would you rather play your own quiz in the Toeter with your friends/family/football club/colleagues etc. on a day and time of your choice? Not a problem! Under the name Progress Events, we offer all kinds of different quizzes, possibly supplemented with snacks or a buffet. Check the website for more information.

What are regular teams?

There are a number of teams that are registered with us as ‘regular teams’. As a regular team, you have two advantages: you are on the registration list by default, so you never have to sign up – instead, these teams only sign out when they skip a week. Moreover, you will be assigned your own table of choice, in consultation with the quizmaster. So you are always guaranteed a comfortable spot.

How do I become a regular team?

Want to become a regular team too? Most excellent! Send an e-mail to info@cafedetoeter.nl or ask the quizmaster before or after the quiz about the possibilities. We will put you on our list of regulars and find you and your team your ‘own’ table.

Where do you get your questions?

The quiz masters write the questions (including the image round and the music round) themselves, under the name Quiz-vragen.nl. We also have a huge database of almost 60,000 questions built up over the years. The quiz questions are sold to other pubs and organisations as well, but only after they have been used in the quiz at De Toeter.

What are the rules of the game?

The rules are quite simple:

  1. Remember to write your team name at the top of each form. If you don’t, it may cost you points.
  2. If you want to compete for prizes, your team may consist of a maximum of five people.
  3. Using Google, Spotify Shazam, Wikipedia etc. is of course strictly forbidden (and we don’t understand why we have to repeat this once in a while). If you get caught, we reserve the right to deduct points or, in extreme cases, disqualify you. See another team cheating? Snitching to the quiz master (or the judges) is highly encouraged.
Can I order beer from the quiz master?

This is literally the most frequently asked question the quizmasters get, so we’ll just answer it here: no, unfortunately, the quizmaster (and the judges) can’t help you with your drink order 😉 . At most, they can direct one of their colleagues to your table.